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Pacific Mambo Orchestra

Mensaje por Admin el Sáb Nov 09, 2013 11:24 am

Pacific Mambo Orchestra – Pacific Mambo Orchestra (2012)

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Latin Jazz, Covers
Quality: mp3
Total Length: 00:52:35
Bitrate: 320kbps
Total Size: ~ 123 Mb

01. Pacific Mambo Orchestra- Intro 5:25
02. El Cantante (feat. Willy Torres & Karl Perazzo) 7:10
03. Overjoyed (feat. Kenny Washington & Karl Perazzo) 5:10
04. La Ambicion (feat. Carlos Cascante & Karl Perazzo) 5:49
05. Cuando Estoy Contigo (feat. Carlos Cascante & Karl Perazzo) 4:26
06. Mr. 5.0 (feat. Ray Obiedo, Tommy Igoe & Karl Perazzo) 5:36
07. Bolero Cocomo (feat. Tommy Igoe & Karl Perazzo) 5:40
08. Muevete Con Prisa 3:25
09. Querer Como Ayer 4:17
10. Bolero Cocomo (Instrumental Version) [feat. Karl Perazzo & Tommy Igoe] 5:38

"The PMO is bristling with kinetic energy. The arrangements are sparkling, the rhythm section is hard core, outstanding vocalists, soloists and guests. We are proud to welcome the PMO into the family of great Latin Orchestras. You do us proud!"

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